Monday, February 11, 2008

Seaford LSC

The design addresses the complex needs of sustainability, local community and natural ecology by proposing that the Seaford Life Saving Club is a precinct that responds to and enhances the unique qualities of the site.

To achieve this, four key strategies guide the architecture and planning. These include: minimal intervention to the existing site by using lightweight construction techniques, raised floor and a dispersed building footprint; the development of a cladding system design as stacked sand shelves to encourage propagation of grasses and local plant species around the building perimeter; the inclusion of a significant water retention system and the use of transpired solar air heaters to the north of the buildings for winter heating; and a plan arrangement design to splice landscape and architecture as co-dependent elements of the project.

Location: Seaford
Type: Life Saving Club and Community Centre
Size: 500 sq m
Status: Competition - Commendation Award
Design: WSH
Design Team: Andrew Simspon, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis, Mark Bol

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